Snake Animation

So I’ve been having a play around with a bit of coding (well, haphazardly hacking at someone else’s code! Namely Stephen Band’s parallax jquery animation plugin – thank you, sir!). What I’ve achieved is pretty basic, but it does a…

Project MUNKi

As you may or may not know, I am also a professional book illustrator, and I am currently working on producing an illustrated edition of MUNKi , which I am cutely entitling “Project MUNKi”. My current plan is to have full-page,…

Whispering Stories

I have a guest post over on the book review blog, Whispering Stories – “What Venice Can Teach Us About Living Forever”. I actually visited Venice as part of the research for MUNKi, and the piece contains my thoughts on…


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Awesome Gang

I’ve done an author interview on the book review and promotion site, Awesome Gang. Some would say it’s a bit rambly, others that it goes on too long; neither would be wrong.