The Merrywhile Series


Ten years after he died, Cari’s grandfather is back.

Or at least, his memories are, stolen and repackaged by tech giant Merrywhile Industries to promote their latest project: digital immortality. But when no one believes her, Cari’s outrage drives her in search of proof and answers, drawing her into a virtual underworld of avatars and aliases, mercenary hackers and corporate spies, and where at the centre of it all is MUNKi, a cutting-edge project to create the world’s most advanced toy robot – which may be neither as cute nor as innocent as it looks.


Pale Kings

A Merrywhile Novella

Dean’s got a bit of a problem. Just three days into his stint minding the family shop and already there’s a jagged hole in the wall where the new smart-drugs vending machine used to be, courtesy of the local psychopathic heavy. But as the clock ticks down on his father’s return, hope appears in the guise of an enigmatic beauty, a girl stepped straight out of Dean’s dreams, proposing a wild and improbable plan that could just change all their lives – maybe even for the better.