Snake Animation

So I’ve been having a play around with a bit of coding (well, haphazardly hacking at someone else’s code! Namely Stephen Band’s parallax jquery animation plugin – thank you, sir!). What I’ve achieved is pretty basic, but it does a nice job of highlighting the different levels of the illustration (arm, reflection, AR snake game, window, background). So, I’ll keep playing, I think, and maybe use it for other illustrations for the illustrated edition of MUNKi.

Just move your mouse over the image to see the effect (don’t click, just move and explore the image up to the edges). If you want just to see the animation on it’s own page, go here.

By the way, if it doesn’t work, please let me know. You may need to enable javascript, or you may need to use a different browser (I’ve tested that this works with Firefox, Safari and Chrome). I’ve no idea if it works on mobile or tablet!

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